Print is on center streamer only10 lines of print with 14 characters across, including spaces..
16" Overall6" Rosette2.5" Rosette6 points6 loops2 x 12 Streamers2 x 12 Main Ribbon..
10" Overall4" Rosette 2 colors3" Rosette 2 colors2 x 8 Center Ribbon..
12.5" Overall4.5" Rosette2.5" Rosette2 x 10 Streamers..
25" Overall6.5" Rosette2.5" Rosette6 Loops6 points2" Tag1 5/8" Tag2.5 x 21" Ribbon4 - 1 5/8 x 21" St..
This high-quality 3 inch track WCM medallion is perfect for prestigious recognition of the best kind..
The 2 1/2"CEM hockey medallion offers an experience no other medal can match. Using colored epoxy fi..
This 2" Decagon Medallion features a soft enamel color fill that gives the star scene a high-quality..
The sporty 2 1/2" Track Stadium Medallion series features highly detailed authentic stadium action i..
This fun and economic 2 3/8 Inch Swimming Star Medal offers a quality medal at a price that can't be..
XR Medals are classically designed in stricking detailed and offer quality at a great price. Availab..
The APM Medallion is the perfect choice for recognizing paw achievement. This 2" medallion comes in ..